Winter Soldier Wednesday: Where I shamelessly pimp my friend’s awesome art

I’m trying not to die of a sinus infection, after finding out I’ve been taking my medicine incorrectly due to very vague instructions thanks to the idiot doctor who prescribed me the antibiotics.  ANYWAYS, check out these cute tissue I got from Five & Below!


….Sorry, sickly Steve problems.

Below the cut is where I actually get to the Winter Soldier bits

This week for Winter Soldier Wednesday the theme seems to be Etsy artists and Winter Soldier swag.  I decided to feature my friend Abby, you can find her Etsy here.  All of her art is awesome, and it’s done in such a unique and eye catching style, it’s not like every other generic fanartist you find on tumblr (oops biased opinion).

Abby is an amazing person, and I’m lucky to have the privilege of calling her my best friend.  She has a table at Baltimore Comic Con, so be sure to check her out!  She’s really nice, and doesn’t bite (unlike me).  Abby does take commission request on her Etsy, and if you ever see a print that isn’t up on Etsy she will gladly make it a print for you. : )

Below are some of my favorite Captain America/Winter Soldier themed prints. (With bonus 616!Fury and 616!Falcon).

abby 1 abby 2 abby 3 abby 4 abby 5abby6



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3 responses to “Winter Soldier Wednesday: Where I shamelessly pimp my friend’s awesome art

  1. B

    I love that first one!

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