I’m alive afterall!

My macbook ended up dying so I had to replace my faithful friend after 5 good years of friendship. 8,( Rest In Peace Steve the Macbook.

I’ve been really busy these last couple months. 

I got to see the early screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in D.C. with my good friends, I met Sebastian Stan and DIDN’T die, I went to Canada and gained 10 pounds, and now I’m getting ready for Otakon!


I somehow managed to get tickets for New York Comic Con and now slightly freaking out because the people I thought were going and I was going to room with AREN’T going. *hEAVY BREATHING* So, if anyone knows of hotel space, let me know. You would save me a panic attack and a lot of stress.  I don’t care if it’s floor space I just need somewhere to put my crap and my body for a couple nights.

I’ll make sure to make a post before Otakon, that’s less of me whining and more about con stuff.


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  1. B

    Whoa, you’re posting! What world is this?! :p

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