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Winter Soldier Wednesday: Where I shamelessly pimp my friend’s awesome art

I’m trying not to die of a sinus infection, after finding out I’ve been taking my medicine incorrectly due to very vague instructions thanks to the idiot doctor who prescribed me the antibiotics.  ANYWAYS, check out these cute tissue I got from Five & Below!


….Sorry, sickly Steve problems.

Below the cut is where I actually get to the Winter Soldier bits

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Drinks for Adult Comic Nerds: Buckyberry Tea

So, I grabbed a Blackberry Iced Tea from Wawa’s the other day and thought to myself, “this would taste a hella lot better with alcohol”,  here I am with my drink concoction, Buckyberry Tea. (Thank you Sarah for your genius wordplay, as opposed to my unoriginal name of Bucky Blackberry Tea).

First you’ll need a bottle of Blackberry Iced Tea, you can usually pick it up at your local convenience store.  You’ll also need a bottle of Raspberry Vodka and Jacquin’s Blackberry Flavored Brandy.  Ice, shot glass for measuring, and a container with a lid to mix it in.


Take the ice, make half of it crushed, half of it not.  Whatever you prefer really.  I’m not a big fan of ice in my drink so I crushed mine so it wouldn’t make it too watery.  Then put it in your mixing container along with the blackberry tea.


Then you’ll need a shot of the Raspberry Vodka.  You’ll need one shot and a half of the Jacquin’s Blackberry Flavored Brandy.  Pour them in your mixing container then shake that stuff on up.


Pour it in a glass.  Add Bucky for Garnish.  Bang, ya got yourself a glass of Buckyberry Tea.

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